John Fakhoury



Chief Executive Officer & Founder


A native Chicagoan, John Fakhoury is an enthusiastic futurist, dedicated investor and social entrepreneur. Starting as an operations and accounting consultant, he gained a reputation for delivering impressive real world results through empowering leadership, team-building and keen problem solving. After developing a go-to-market strategy for an insurance conglomerate that saw five-year revenue growth of $1.1 billion, he identified that tech giants fell short in creating an experience where people could truly connect and benefit from technology in an efficient way.  In “Richard Branson-like spirit”, he founded Framework Communications to reinvent how technology was experienced.

Framework has grown 1,400 percent since 2011. As a thought leader, John has been a guest speaker for large technology and small business conferences and is a contributor for Channel Partners 360 Magazine, being named on the list of 250 Most Influential Technology Executives. As a driven and aware community member, John’s currently developing solutions to address global climate change, water shortages and other key environmental issues.