Contact Centers

Contact Center Solutions to Deliver
Outstanding Service Every Time

How many of your customers call and just miss your hours of operation? The challenge is, finding a reliable solution to deliver a positive and memorable customer experience without increasing telecommunication and IT spend, and the excessive overhead of a location-based contact center. Plus, delivering seamless service on mobile, social media, forums and all of today’s diverse platforms becomes hard to plan, navigate and manage.

Framework Communications, an award-winning telecom management provider, offers contact center solutions so you can provide customers with quality service from anywhere, across all platforms. You’re no longer limited by time zones and can service clients across the globe. No customer is left waiting. Providing on-demand support improves customer retention and loyalty, giving you an edge over the competition.

In-House v. Outsourced IT

Benefits of Framework’s Contact Center Solutions

Performance Monitoring

Tracking contact center performance is simple, as real-time performance data may be reviewed from one dashboard.

Customer Support

Reduce call volume while giving customers the option to choose their preferred contact method.

Integrate Cross-channel Communication

Team members can easily communicate with colleagues about a client’s concern within the user interface.

Reduced Cost

Streamlining the efficiency of your contact center results in an enhanced customer experience. As a result, businesses often realize a massive return on investment which helps pay for the initial investment and drives bottom-line improvements.

Increase of Hiring Pool

Instead of being limited to one geographic location, you can confidently hire the best support agents—even if they’re remote.

On-Demand Customer Service

From internal operations to customer relationship management, we offer solutions to help make your entire contact center more effective.

Find out about Framework’s Contact Center Solutions that leave no customer behind.