CareFree Mobility & BYOD Service

Making Mobility Work

BYOD is changing how companies work and communicate by leveraging the convenience of employees using personal mobile devices to effectively accelerate customer development, sales and business processes. Framework Communications offers custom BYOD service solutions to meet the needs of every business.


Network management, access points and wireless controllers are important aspects of a BYOD infrastructure. Without taking steps to establish a solid infrastructure and management capability, businesses risk significant security issues.


Adoption of new BYOD policies requires a close look at potential compatibility issues. To promote widespread use, Framework Communications ensures your BYOD policy can benefit users of any device.


Instituting a BYOD service policy brings with it serious security concerns that pose risk to your organization. With access to sensitive information at stake, you need a provider capable of minimizing security risks and mitigating potential security gaps.

HR & Legal Concerns

As one of the largest issues preventing global implementation of BYOD policies, these concerns must be addressed early. Our team ensures that your solution is aligned with legal and HR policies.

Find out how to make mobile work for users and IT.