CareFree Data Backup Recovery

Strive for the Best, Plan for the Worst

Four out of five businesses impacted by a disaster never fully recover financially. In the event of a power outage, weather-related damage or other emergencies, safeguarding your business’ valuable digital assets is a must. Framework’s CareFree Disaster Recovery includes on-site data backup recovery services and off-site storage to truly give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Protect Your Business with Data Backup Recovery Services

Protect Your Business with
Data Backup Recovery Services

You insure your car, your home and your health. Why not your data? External drives can be lost or damaged, and online solutions won’t check for data integrity. Many companies have data backup services taken care of but, when it comes to recovery, businesses without a recovery plan have no way to extract their stored data.

Framework’s simple six-step process ensures your business has the best protection against a disaster.

Site & Data Analysis

Prior to launching a disaster recovery strategy, our team performs an in-depth review of your data and needs.  

Data Backup Services

To guarantee your information is safe, all data is backed up before proceeding with the first phase.

Pre-Launch Migration

Our team implements cloud-based solutions to store your data on our servers prior to analysis.


Once all steps are completed, testing is conducted to determine your unique disaster recovery needs.


Disaster recovery is not simply about data backup, it’s about getting your data back up. In hours, not weeks, we recover your data after a disaster so you can get back to business.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

After the initial phase of cloud disaster recovery planning, Frameworks Communications turns strategy into action.

Benefits of Framework’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Hourly Snapshots

All day, every day, hourly snapshots of your system ensure that you can recover rapidly changing data.

Rapid Response

We guarantee response. In fact, we’ll recover your entire server to the cloud in four hours or less.

Worry-Free Disaster Recovery

Get real-time data recovery with off-site storage and on-site backups.

System Imaging

Our complete system imaging ensures data recovery results in full restoration of digital workspaces.

Live Support

You’ll never have to wonder what to do next. Live support is always available.

On-Site Support

Receive onsite assistance from industry professionals. We only dispatch certified data engineers.

Be prepared for anything.