CareFree VoIP Phone Solutions

Keep Growing with Reliable Communication

What portion of your business expenses is communications-related? Framework Communications’ award-winning team helps you implement a cloud-based communications platform that unites team members, captures more leads and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

In-House v. Outsourced IT

It’s Time to Cut the Cord with VoIP

Our team is among an exclusive group of experienced hosted PBX providers. A scalable solution proven to launch businesses ahead of the competition, our VoIP service is affordable, reliable and improves efficiency.

Utilizing Framework’s VoIP platforms, you’ll increase productivity in multi-location offices by cost-effectively connecting them all to the same phone system. Mobility features such as sequential ringing and find-me-follow-me give you communications control and allow you to be reached wherever you are—something traditional telephony systems can only offer at a much higher cost. In the event of a power outage or inclement weather, you can easily re-route calls via a web-based portal, ensuring your business stays in touch. Outpace your competition while staying within your budget with a cloud-hosted PBX.

Benefits of Framework’s VoIP Phone Solutions


As your business goals evolve, our services adapt to meet changing demands without the need for a lengthy transitional process.


When paired with business-class cloud solutions, cloud-based technology increases company-wide efficiency and encourages ongoing communication.


Compared to traditional telephone service providers, hosted PBX providers offer affordable communication solutions that save you money upon implementation and over time.

HR & Legal Concerns

As one of the largest issues preventing global implementation of BYOD policies, these must be addressed early. Our team ensures that your IT solutions are aligned with legal and HR policies.

User Friendliness

Operational simplicity ensures rapid adoption of VoIP phone solutions. Feature-rich dashboards are accessible on any device with an Internet connection

Reliable Performance

Many things may disrupt the functioning of a traditional phone system. VoIP solves this problem by delivering unrivaled quality and performance.

Truth in Numbers – the Costs of VoIP

Truth in Numbers – the Costs of VoIP

Unlike traditional phone systems, the cost associated with a cloud or hosted phone system are minimal. For example, a company with 50 employees needs a reliable, affordable communications infrastructure capable of delivering maximum uptime.

Initial Costs

On-premise phone systems can cost upwards of $35,000 at $700 per handset. Comparatively, cloud-based communications are 60 percent less expensive at a total cost of $10,000.


With much less equipment to manage, VoIP phone services demand less maintenance and create fewer expenses.

Staying Power

As cloud solutions gain momentum, it’s becoming clear that cloud-based solutions have staying power when compared to traditional telephone service.


Many things may disrupt the functioning of a traditional phone system. VoIP solves this problem by delivering unrivaled quality and performance.

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