CareFree Wi-Fi Networks

WiFi Network Solutions That Work for You

Today’s speed of business is only as fast as an efficient Wi-Fi network. Let Framework Communications help you work faster, stronger and for lower cost. We’ll design and implement the perfect wifi network solutions to help you handle more transactions, reduce inventory, simplify entry to markets and suppliers, and improve supply chain management. No need to worry about security. We’ll make sure the right people have secure access while keeping out unauthorized users.

In-House v. Outsourced IT

Benefits of Framework’s WiFi Network Solutions

Simple Installation

We’re pretty sure you won’t miss the switches, adapters, plugs, pins and connectors. Your wireless network is simple to install, with no messy cables or excess wiring for PCs.

Access From Anywhere

Framework’s Wi-Fi networks empower your team to handle calls no matter where they are and make real-time collaboration a reality.

Cost Savings

Save money on installing wireless hardware. Have a dynamic environment with frequent moves and changes? You’ll reap even more long-term benefits.


From peer-to-peer networks to full-infrastructure Wi-Fi networks, Framework handles it all. Valuable summary reports provide you with important insights into how to better manage traffic, clients and application usage.

Work at warp speed with Wi-Fi networks
from Framework Communications.