CareFree Virtualization Services

Virtualization IT Support Lets You Do More with Less

Office getting cramped? No room for new technology? Let Framework Communications free up space, lower costs and ease your IT team’s workload with virtualization IT services. Significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks by running and managing multiple operating systems, or virtual machines, on a single server. From a readiness assessment and architecture design to post-migration support, we’ve got you covered.

In-House v. Outsourced IT

Benefits of Framework’s Virtualization IT Support


Through network virtualization, you’ll have fewer physical servers to maintain and manage, giving your team more time to launch new business initiatives, reduce expenses and drive revenue.

Conserve Energy

Migrating physical servers to virtual machines lowers your energy costs up to 80 percent. Plus, you can power down servers without impacting applications or other users.

Disaster Recovery

Why use traditional methods that can take days? Our virtualization services give you near-instant disaster recovery.

Cost Savings

Network virtualization uses fewer machines, less software and less energy—all adding up to big savings for you.

Reclaim your office space and lighten your load.