CareFree Managed Application Hosting

Cloud Applications Have Redefined the Way We
Work, Play and Socialize

Cloud-based office solutions, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, are revolutionizing workflows, improving communication and delivering business-class service without a hefty price tag. Framework Communications, a leading cloud computing provider based in Chicago, delivers CareFree access to cloud-based applications.

In-House v. Outsourced IT

Transform the Way You Work with Application Hosting in the Cloud

How many times have you heard “There’s an app for that!” and thought there wasn’t one for your business? Now with cloud-based applications, there really is an app for you.

Framework Communications offers an array of cloud-based business solutions to simplify business processes, increase communication and boost efficiency. With Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, your team can effectively collaborate on projects and presentations without sending emails and files back and forth. With your documents and files in a central location, accessible to everyone, you never have to wonder where a project is at or worry about losing information. Everything you need is just a click away.

Managed Application Hosting in the Cloud
Delivers Clear Benefits

Cloud applications have become a go-to resource for busy professionals. To enhance cloud unified communications, leverage a combination of cloud solutions and applications for business. Framework Communications partners with Microsoft and Google to implement cloud-based solutions without adding to your workload.

Grows with Your Business

No matter what your size or how fast you grow, cloud applications can be adapted to changing business needs without a complicated period of adjustment.

Promotes Efficient Communication

Real-time collaboration, online conferencing and robust email solutions are delivered via the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

Reduces Expenses

Managed application hosting in the cloud requires no extra equipment, plus eliminates tedious installation and learning curves to reduce IT expenses while enhancing business processes.

See how application hosting in the cloud
makes your business run smoother.