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Even if you’re unfamiliar with cloud computing, you most likely use it every day, from social media to online banking. Framework Communications, a leading cloud solutions provider based in Chicago, works with you to develop cloud computing services tailored to your business.

In-House v. Out-Sourced IT

Cloud Solutions from
Framework Communications

Count on us to deliver the best cloud solutions that include:

Hassle-free Migration

Whether you need to migrate to the cloud from a simple or complex IT infrastructure, we’ll handle the process from start to finish.

Disaster Recovery

Simplify your disaster recovery plan with cloud disaster recovery as a service, which ensures data security in the event of an emergency.

Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage maximizes virtual data protection and accessibility—anytime, anywhere—to keep your business going 24/7.

Cloud Applications

In the quest to work smarter, not harder, businesses across the globe are leveraging the power of cloud applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, to enhance productivity, communication and efficiency.

Cloud Servers

Reduced capital expenditures, greater flexibility and the virtualization of processes are all benefits of running your business on cloud servers.

Cloud-hosted PBX

Future-proof business communications with a cloud-based phone system. A reliable and affordable alternative to traditional phone service, cloud-hosted PBX is ideal for growing businesses.

Advantages of Cloud Computing Help

Businesses that postpone adaption to cloud solutions face slower operation processes, higher expenses and increased risk of data theft and loss. In addition, they experience lost opportunities, reduced revenue and slower sales cycles. These clear benefits should dispel the myth that any major shift in work processes is bound to result in downtime. Framework Communications custom cloud solutions give you:


Adjust data and security needs instantly as your business grows.


As your business goals change, cloud services are easily customized to meet business demands.


Interact with data from anywhere, at any time.


A low capital investment in our cloud solutions benefit dynamic small and mid-sized businesses.


Be prepared for a disaster, power outage or cyber threat with designs built around maximum security.


Near 100% uptime equates to more revenue and an improved customer experience.

Start leveraging the power of cloud computing today!